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14 April 2012 / Agile & Scrum
Kanban retreat #1 experience report

On April 7th we had our first kanban retreat as a means of peer to peer exchange, having a safe place to bounce ideas amongst each other and learn. In order to get the people into the kanban state of mind, we started off with the famous getKanban board game (the beta version we bought some time ago) followed with an imaginary, yet recognizable, organizational context where we had 4 iterations building up thoughts, ideas...

29 March 2012 / Less is More
Co-Learning community events – now easy to follow on facebook!

  The Co-Learning agenda is getting quite extensive: it contains our trainings, events such as Re:think 2012, as well as our free community events, like the different kinds of retreats we offer or our “In the brain of… sessions”. To allow you easy access to the community events and share your passion with your friends we have created a group on facebook where you will...

28 March 2012 / Agile & Scrum
Personal kanban @ WeBBT conference

It’s been one week since I finished up my second run of my personal kanban workshop at the WeBBT internal conference organised by IBBT. Two groups of about 45 people showed up and were definitely looking for a new and better way to organize their own work. Most people were researchers although I heard some of the internal marketing, communication and administrative people also registered for my...