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6 April 2016 / Agile & Scrum
Case Study: Enhancing Team Work Using Dojo’s

The issue: knowledge sharing & alignment It is frequently seen that even though people are working on the same delivery there still is misalignment on the way of working, with what degree of finish (D.O.D. interpretations), etc.  This especially happens with different skills and contexts that imply different perspectives on how to look at software. Either way you place it: knowledge sharing is lacking.  One of the...

15 May 2012 / Less is More
Plant the seeds and enjoy their growth

It has been more than a year since we organized the first Belgian Management 3.0 training with Jurgen Appelo(March 28, 2011) and subsequent premiere of co-teaching Jurgens (June 27th, 2011). In the mean time we have had the opportunity to spread the love in several public and in-house occasions in Europe for which we received great feedback of which you can see some examples below: I’ll have a lot more...