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18 October 2013 / Leadership & Management
The Leadership Gift Program 2014 – preview webinars

Based on information on Christopheravery.com What is the Leadership Gift Program 2014? Depending on whom you ask, it is: •A world-wide Community of Practice for coaches and leaders mastering responsibility •A self-paced personal-, professional-, and leadership-development program •A private membership portal and growing content library •An apprenticeship and accreditation system for those who want to take this body of work to other arenas   Register...

25 February 2012 / Leadership & Management
In the brain of… Christopher Avery!

On 21 April 2012 we will be hosting a new “In the brain of…” session. Our guest for this edition is Christopher Avery, author of The Leadership Gift. The Leadership Gift is a work on responsible leadership, teamwork, and change. Christopher’s field research about how personal responsibility works in the mind of leaders (namely how we avoid it and how we take it) now makes it...