Tag: legacy code

28 February 2013 / Leadership & Management
Learn how to manage technical debt from a business perspective

Recently I get a lot of questions related to Technical Debt and Legacy products which triggered me to write this article, explaining how I managed technical debt a while ago. I want to share this information to provide you extra options, I do not claim this system is the best out there, it is just one of many but definitely worth a try. What is...

1 November 2012 / Agile & Scrum
Our first public learning track: Software craftsmanship

We've been doing in-house learning and coaching tracks for a while now and we've seen the positive impact this follow-up has on companies, teams and individuals. That is why we want to bring this idea to our public training events as well. So, to validate our hypothesis that this format will also benefit people that follow public trainings, we are proud to introduce our first public...

22 March 2012 / Less is More
Practicing lecagy rescue techniques

Check out Erik Talboom’s blog about the first legacy coderetreat of 2012! A little over a week ago it was time for our first legacycoderetreat of 2012 here in Belgium. I was lucky enough to work with Adrian Bolboaca again on this retreat. He is a serious influence and inspiration to me when it comes to software craftsmanship. I went to pick him up at the train station. Yes,...