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10 April 2020 / Remote Collaboration
Supporting a courageous elementary school teacher

- We blurred out the children for their privacy and protection - In times of crisis we find it important to help others in need of new knowledge and experiences, using the expert capabilities we have. These days it became obvious that many crucial organizations around us were/are not prepared for a digital approach. Elementary schools are definitely one of those. Thanks to a courageous...

24 March 2020 / Remote Collaboration
How VPN constrained remote working will lead to depressions and how to fix it

Today many organisations are fighting the limits of their VPN infrastructure and send out quick fixes to people, block more outside websites and applications and more of this. A necessary action to guarantee connections to all in the short run but not something to keep for the long haul. No video allowed, limited audio allowed, only connect with others for work related meetings, no insights...