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9 July 2012 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
Gamestorming, the Dracula way

In just two weeks I will be going to Romania again. This time I'll be there to co-facilitate a gamestorming retreat, together with Maria Diaconu. We'll have the perfect setting for this retreat, it will be something like this chalet. And it will be close to Dracula's castle, will we be bitten? We'll go on a journey through the land of gamestorming to find a...

29 May 2012 / Less is More
Johan Tré is writing: “human effective learning”

Quite a few years ago I came in touch with Jurgen De Smet. It appeared that we had similar opinions on how our corporate world is setup. Coming from a technical background as well I noticed the same visions were shaped from a similar background and learning curve. It was until later on I found out what Co-Learning was standing for and what their core activities were.  Strong highlights...

29 March 2012 / Less is More
Co-Learning community events – now easy to follow on facebook!

  The Co-Learning agenda is getting quite extensive: it contains our trainings, events such as Re:think 2012, as well as our free community events, like the different kinds of retreats we offer or our “In the brain of… sessions”. To allow you easy access to the community events and share your passion with your friends we have created a group on facebook where you will...