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8 April 2013 / Agile & Scrum
Most common mistakes in scrum ceremonies 3/7: the sprint planning

No acceptance criteria listed on user stories This will keep the team from really committing to the sprint backlog. If they have no clear idea on how to demo a user story, how the product owner will decide whether or not a story is really done, the team will have no way to feel confident about the commitment they are making. This will frustrate the...

1 April 2013 / Agile & Scrum
Most common mistakes in scrum ceremonies 2/7: estimating stories

Spending too much effort in estimating stories People have the tendency to spend too much effort on estimating the incoming work. Having some basics skills available, like high/low showdown, deal and slide and planning poker will help the team to make well educated estimates they feel comfortable with. These techniques are also designed to maximize the return on investment of your time when it comes...

10 July 2012 / Agile & Scrum
Let’s go for the full scrumbam

No, this is not a typo and this post is not about combining the best of both the scrum and kanban world. It's just that we are so excited that we'll be expanding our scrum offerings, that we wanted everyone to know about it. Next to the certified trainings, CSM and CSPO, we'll also be adding a whole list of non certified trainings. We have...