Tag: software craftsmanship

23 September 2015 / Software Craftsmanship
Learn, Share, Practice at SoCraTesBE 2015

Why I love SoCraTes events I have attended several software craftsmanship and testing unconferences and similar events over the past years and all of them have left me wanting more. The openness, the sharing of knowledge and the freedom to fully decide on my own learning experience have been enough to inspire me to bring this wonderful concept to Belgium. I luckily found an excellent partner...

1 November 2012 / Agile & Scrum
Our first public learning track: Software craftsmanship

We've been doing in-house learning and coaching tracks for a while now and we've seen the positive impact this follow-up has on companies, teams and individuals. That is why we want to bring this idea to our public training events as well. So, to validate our hypothesis that this format will also benefit people that follow public trainings, we are proud to introduce our first public...

17 January 2012 / Less is More
My first Coderetreat abroad

Last Saturday January 7 Adi and I traveled to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We were invited there to facilitate the first coderetreat of 2012. I was really looking forward to this and also a little anxious at first, being in unknown surroundings, and especially facilitating for Dutch people who are known for their honesty and open communication. This was indeed my firstcoderetreat outside of my Belgian comfort zone. Most...