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22 April 2014 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
New WisP session confirmed: Visual storytelling

Everyone’s got a story to tell or an idea to sell. But your audience has to understand and embrace it if you truly want to motivate them to act. In an era where we are bombed with information, information is cheap. The true question as such is "How do I get my message across?". During this workshop: You will be introduced in the world of...

27 March 2014 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
Announcing our 2nd session on the #WisP14 program

We are very proud to announce our second facilitator, Victor Manrique, who will be facilitating the session "From games to gamification: The secret formula of engagement".  Have a look at what Victor has in mind for us: ¿Do you think that designing a gamified experience can be turned into a game? Games are all about learning and every time we start a new game, it keeps on teaching...