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12 March 2013 / Agile & Scrum
Rapid Software Testing – skilled testing unleashed

The software testing profession looks like a steadily maturing profession from the outside. After all, there are certification schemes like ISTQB, CAT, IREB and QAMP (the one to rule them all), standards (ISO 29119) and companies reaching TMM (test maturity model) levels that - just like a Spinal Tap guitar amplifier - one day might even go up to 11. The number of employees that companies send off to get certified in a mere three...

20 October 2012 / Less is More
Testing Retreat – Thinking as a Tool

My first Testing Retreat with Co-Learning.  Since I follow most of the Co-Learning retreats and also facilitate one I was quite curious.  Schedule It appears our hosts Chandra and Elena did their homework well. Jurgen was co-facilitator. They prepared a game of throwing dice.  You might be wondering right now, just like I did, how throwing dice can bring knowledge transfer about testing...  The rather large group of participants was divided...

5 September 2012 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
Free Retreats, our way to serve you and grow competence.

As passionate people at work, we are constantly on stage and we never take enough time to practise. Our retreats are meant for practise and sharing experiences on a regular base in order to shrink the gap between where the level of our skills are and where we want it to be. There is no pressure to actually achieve visible results or initiate change, the...