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14 September 2016 / Agile & Scrum
A Backlog item Card Creator in Google Sheets

Why A few months ago I was on an assignment where there was a clear request to use physical cards for their stories.  It helped to give an overview by laying them on a large table. Always good to hear that people are thinking out of the box when searching for ways to visualize their work. Luckily I had this available in xls format, written in VB. It...

20 May 2013 / Agile & Scrum
Tooling: How to manage your to-do’s over multiple projects?

In previous article “The Product Owner Iteration – Limit Your WIP” I described one way for a person to manage his/her work on a 2-weekly basis and avoid generating waste in the system. This time I will give you a simple spreadsheet to support you with: -       Requirements management that avoids generating waste -       Team dependency management -       External dependency management -       Prioritization & impact...

8 April 2013 / Agile & Scrum
Most common mistakes in scrum ceremonies 3/7: the sprint planning

No acceptance criteria listed on user stories This will keep the team from really committing to the sprint backlog. If they have no clear idea on how to demo a user story, how the product owner will decide whether or not a story is really done, the team will have no way to feel confident about the commitment they are making. This will frustrate the...