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27 May 2014 / Agile & Scrum
New WisP session announced: INNOVIX, the innovation game

Studies show that innovation will lead the way out of the economic crisis. With Innovix, Flanders DC aims at improving the innovation management capabilities of the Flemish entrepreneurs, using an instructive online game. The innovix simulation game was developed together with prof. Dr. Marc Buelens of Vlerick Business School. It portrays the virtual company “Woestyn Inc.”, based on a real life business situation. The player gets to...

14 May 2014 / Agile & Scrum
New WisP session: The SAFe release planning game

Our next session to be announced for WisP 2014 is the SAFe release planning game. This interactive workshop, based on a simulation game, is designed to give participants insights in how to do release planning across several teams working on the same product or value stream. The session provides some background about SAFe and the concept or Agile release trains, to understand some patterns of having several...

22 April 2014 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
New WisP session confirmed: Visual storytelling

Everyone’s got a story to tell or an idea to sell. But your audience has to understand and embrace it if you truly want to motivate them to act. In an era where we are bombed with information, information is cheap. The true question as such is "How do I get my message across?". During this workshop: You will be introduced in the world of...