Aernout van den Burg

Early in my career, as a Development Team member, I experienced plenty of ‘project pain’ when big detailed plans up front caused management disappointment after management disappointment. Back then, I considered the pizza nights as an opportunity to get to know my colleagues a bit better and, in one or two cases, as a way to earn some extra money through working overtime.

And then, I accidentally became a Scrum Master, loved it from day 1 and continue to do so, be it in job titles like Agile coach, Scrum coach or team coach. I am really passionate about this, as it resonates with my drive to be of help to other people. This passion, combined with my eagerness to continuously learn together with other people in order to uncover better ways of collaboration is what has been defining me and continues to define me, I strongly hope.

I am very curious which better ways we can uncover together in this training!