Pol Boonen

“We engaged co-learning to implement Scrum 3 years ago.  Today when looking back at the past I am pretty sure that we would never have succeeded without engaging an Agile coach for a few months.  He made us aware what Agile means and certainly that it doesn’t stop at  IT’s door.

Today the whole company is on the same heartbeat which is great : groom it, score it, plan it, build it, review it, test it, release it, learn it, … technologic ;-).  New development team members are always impressed how we apply Scrum.  Without an Agile coach we probably would have ended up with a daily stand-up.

During the years we have engaged co-learning also for user story mapping workshops, value mapping workshops, vision roadmaps where business and IT are participating side by side not living a part anymore in their own silo.