Ralph van Roosmalen

Ralph van Roosmalen

Ralph is specialized in Management 3.0, being agile and building (distributed) agile software teams. Furthermore, he is the first person who wrote a book about Management 3.0 besides Jurgen Appelo. The book is called "Doing It - Management 3.0 Experiences" where Ralph shares his many experiences with Management 3.0 practices.

Ralph is an independent Agile Coach at Agile Strides. He is an active member of the Agile community and shares his insights and knowledge by speaking at conferences and writing blog posts. Since 1997 he fulfilled several roles within the ICT, mainly at ISV's, these vary from Developer, Test Manager, Scrum Master, Development Manager and VP Research and Development. Since 2004 he is already involved in Agile projects.

He has extensive experience in setting up distributed teams in countries as Romania, US, and India. From selecting the location till recruiting and building the team and in the end transferring to a local country manager.

Helping people and therefore organizations, to get them moving to create a better work environment, a work environment that people love and inspire them to do great things is his passion.

Attendees feedback

Orna Shapira

Order, listen, knowledgeable, friendly but not too much, answering questions, support discussion, culm

Yoel Tahover, Cisco Video Tachnologies Israel

Familiar with content, a lot of experience, flexible.

Chani Green, Cisco

Good and clear exercise Listen and was open to questions Encourage good conversations Sessions started on time Very open to get feedback

Dr Ganesh Neelakanta Iyer, Progress Software

Approachable, Lots of activities, He broke the ice between participants in a short span of time. Many useful exercises.

Ilan Kirschenbaum, Practical Agile

Highly knowledgeable, evidently highly experienced, easy going, professional, adaptive, humorous and fun.

Renzo Zitman, Pro-People

Good preparation and adaptation to group needs.

Sjoerd Kessels, Pamoja

He valued feedback during the workshop and acted upon it; he was open and honest on his experience; he ceated an environment for open discussion

Milena Trkulja

Good structure of the presentation, clear and good practices that can be used in every day situations at work, music during the training and workshop was very interesting and I liked that very much.

Christoph Woskowski, Zuehlke Engineering GmbH

Presenting topics in a very interesting and entertaining way. Integration of own experiences and experiences of the attendees. Flexible to change agenda in case of important topics for attendees.

Daniel Dichiu, Bitdefender

Great communicator, knew how to handle certain unpleasant moments during the workshop (when some participants had unrealistic expectations), good story-teller.

Andrada Popescu, Mozaic Works

Great drawing skills, good English, easy to follow him

Afke Roosmalen, van

Engaging, open questions, the facilitaion and the drawings

Maeve Connolly

I liked their openess and how they explained each topic. They are both great communicators. Every topic was explained very clearly.

Karen Deacon

Very engaging, kept everyone's attention, were very easy to understand and explained all concepts and models very well.

Kerry Suo

Facilitators are very expereinced with training, and applied many interesting exercise to help us for understanding.

Milan Starcevic

Calm, enthusiastic, good facilitator for our discussions, takes care about audience.

Emilija Gregoric

Managed to pack a huge amount of info in the course. Acted more as a coach then a teacher. Very flexible, pleasant, created a relaxed atmosphere from the start.

Vladimir Kelava

He spoke from experience. Readiness for discussion...interactive approach.

Stephen Guth

I really enjoyed Ralph's use of the flip charts versus PowerPoint slides. Doing so made the workshop interactive and meaningful. I knew it was a lot of work to prepare the flip charts and I really appreciate Ralph's investment of time.

Sandra Allison, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Openness, ability to share life experiences and how to apply the techniques he was teaching. Very well versed and delivered in a very realistic and understandable method.

Zia Attlee, KR

Ralph is clearly very experienced in this field. He was able to convey the content of the workshop in a fun, practical manner. He kept us engaged throughout the two days and ensured that the workshop was interactive allowing for plenty of learning and knowledge sharing.

Valentina Eftimie, Stefanini

Knowledge, time management, listening, know when and how to involve the participants


Very good speaker, he can interact with the public very easy and share information in a practical way than others do.

Kevin Wang

Tailor made training where he encouraged us to participate in discussions. Also he explained many things using his own experience/own words which made things easier to understand.

Mario Gonzalez Forrellad

Clear and to the point in the explanations Very empathetic and close, one of them could join us for dinner Shared very valuable first hand experiences Great presentations with paper and pen, without computers

Alejandro Mayorga

Deep knowledge of the material and a very dynamic and easily to follow teaching style.

Romina Aguilera

Ralph was very clear in the concepts. You can tell he is an expert, open to share both great and not great experiences, which helps a lot to understand how the practices work in real life. He is pretty fun as well, I enjoyed his stories.

Rob Eijgelshoven, Airios

Ralph has a lot of knowledge of, and experience with, M3.0. He is able to explain it clearly and has good examples from his own work experience to support the theory.

Martijn van de Haterd, Improve QS

Ralph immediatly created an atmosphere of openness and willingness to learn and discuss experiences.

greet maeyaert

- flexibility: they adjusted the program to the needs of the group - interactive: a good balance between theory and exercises, with a big plus for not using a powerpoint presentation

Roxana Caragea

Both facilitators were very engaging, patient and it was very clear they were both well prepared and knew the material. It wasn't just lip service.

Marcelia Lima Santos

The facilitators have excellent communication skills, they used good tools and a dynamic environment to engage the group and deliver the training.

Marlon Schipper

Clear information sharing, very adaptive to the situation

Oliver Liss

they had a strong change management knowledge and were able to handle each question instantly without the need to park topics.

Davide Castaldini

Great communication skills and clarity of content. A lot of interaction "without" Power point. In 3 days they made us feel like a real "Team" and better know each other.

Klara F├╝rstner, UserZoom

Friendly,. Gave clear explanations, exuded confidence which creates an impression of authority and knowledge on the topic, hence we will be able to use the materials and lessons learned with confidence as well.

Miriam Garcia, Userzoom

- Good communicator - Good questions to make you think - Really good material prepared

Iris Delmee, Sendcloud

I really liked how Ralph gave examples from his own experience. This really helped to create an environment where people felt save to open up. Next to that I liked how he wrote down the most important info on a whiteboard, as this helped me to concentrate on the highlights.

Ralph van Roosmalen
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