Tim Vanmarcke

Tim Vanmarcke

Finally, a way to coach people while being yourself, have fun, use humor, get energy from it, be able to say what you think, get to the core fast and breaking patterns in a bonding way.

Throughout my education and many trainings such as coaching, psychology, relaxation and many more, I seem to have found my true calling with “Provocative coaching”.

After my sports education (2001) I have been teaching in high school and have been a trainer and coach in football.

Being interested in the person behind the student, the sportsman, the teacher, the businessman,… my true calling to develop myself and becoming a real coach became stronger. Besides, life has given me the necessary lessons to grow as a person, partner, father, leader, coach, entrepreneur, teacher,…

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by learning and development.

Teaching is in my genes.

Tim Vanmarcke
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