Olivier Costa

Olivier Costa

I help organisations to enable their ICT until it becomes their central core to deliver their unique value. 

Organisations often feel hijacked by their ICT department.  They do strange things, cost a lot of money and deliver late and with errors.  ICT on the other hand finds it hard to deliver when requirements aren't clear and/or always in motion.  It is my goal to bridge the gap between the organisation and their ICT core.  

It all starts with improving communication.  Business asking better questions, and ICT making their efforts transparent in business language.  But also among the different ICT teams communication is often difficult.  And it doesn't help if there are clear hierarchical barriers and choking points, inviting politics and ineffectiveness while trying to maximize efficiency.  Often the ICT force is also struggling with the fast-paced evolutions in the industry, while trying to keep their legacy beasts under control.  

That means there are three distinct area's that we will work on :

  • VALUE - defining, refining, emerging
  • FLOW - minimize lead-time & process waste, maximize feedback
  • QUALITY - design flexible & extendable systems without regressions

Practically this means, helping business and IT to talk the same 'ubiquitous language'.  Both in discovering what is value, and in reusing this language in the automated tests and coding structures until it is possible for business and IT to collaborate daily on today's needs (rather than the potential needs in 3, 6, 12, ... months).  

The resulting applications, the process & the automated systems delivering them, require an ever-learning organisation.  This requires a drastic change in management style.  

It is my forte to inspire people to discover this 'brave new world' and to practically collaborate with everyone that wants to contribute.  I do that by being in the trenches with you.  Help prepare & formulate communications, lead technical sessions until the teams can learn autonomously, help create/fine-tune your unique delivery process.  

I have high expectations but then ... so do you.  

Olivier Costa
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