Mark Uijen de Kleijn

Mark Uijen de Kleijn

I have 10 years of experience in the work field, mostly focused on IT & technological products. Started as a developer – mainly in databases and data warehouses – and after that worked as architect, manager, Scrum Master/coach.

Experience with Agile (and later Lean) from several perspectives: innovative, managerial and coaching/Scrum Master-ing. Started in 2012 with a Scrum Team – as architect of the innovation project and Scrum Master for the team – in a highly innovative environment looking for new capabilities (data analytics) with totally new technology. Later, as a manager leading a transition to multiple (around 17) multi-disciplinary Scrum Teams for a department of approximately 120 developers/maintenance. In this role experienced the managerial aspects – next to the coaching – aspect of agile environments. After that worked as a Scrum Master (or Agile Coach) for several organizations. In these roles gained experience in working with large groups and multiple teams, both in coaching and facilitating (in all kinds of ways).

My beliefs start with extraordinary teams; I have seen teams that outperformed other teams immensely, not because of individual skills (those were quite similar) but because of teamwork. I’m analytical, am able to look from multiple perspectives to solve problems and questions, am extremely self-assertive and open-minded. I’m strong in personal contact and collaboration, through which I can help improve the team dynamics.

Examples of experience and knowledge that I can mentor or coach with:

  • Scrum (and more agile frameworks) and (hands-on) experiences from many teams that tried to uncover better ways to work.
  • Multi-team Scrum, as a Scrum Master, Coach & Manager.
  • Coaching self-organizing teams & facilitating all kinds of team or smaller group workshops.
  • Portfolio Management & Product Backlog Management for large products.
  • Large group/multi-team facilitation (e.g. PB Refinements, Sprint Review/Retrospectives, Communities of Practices)
  • Systems Thinking.
  • Defining products, architecture & design.
  • Lean & Lean techniques (such as Value Stream Mapping - e.g. with large groups).
  • Leadership (coaching/feedback, organizational design, HR/rewarding system redesign, budgeting).
Mark Uijen de Kleijn
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